January 2009


The Grand Theft Auto series just keeps getting better. This is probably my favorite game and I’m glad to see they’re developing all sorts of different new versions. I can hardly wait for The Lost and the Damned, due Fe.17 2009, but wish I could get ChinaTown Wars on my Xbox too!

Keep an eye on Planet GTA




This game totally kills. Sorry, no pun intended! Link

Left 4 Dead is the new first-person apocalyptic shooter where you’re a survivor against a zombie infestation!


If you enjoy Mac, you’ll want to take a look at the 25 years of Mac reminiscing…

This is almost painful to look at, but at the same time its fascinating too… A Nikon D3 sliced in half

And here’s a shocking bit of news. Apparently video games are linked to poor relationships.

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